Transport Data Commons is a initiative of individuals and organizations who are passionate about sustainable transportation and want to increase the use and impact of data in this sector. Our focus is on creating a common platform where transport-related data can be shared, analyzed, and utilized to help make informed decisions and create sustainable transportation solutions.

Through collaboration and open sharing of data, our aim is to foster innovation and drive positive change in the transportation industry.

Our vision

… is to develop a common data platform where all participating entities can both contribute and extract data on the transport-climate nexus.

A common data platform that acts like a single-entry point.
Openly available and accessible.
Regularly updated and verified.
A mutually-beneficial exchange of information between entities collecting data and those providing data.

It all started with 21 entities and 25 people at a co-creation workshop in May 2022. Since then, we have been growing in number, determination and readiness. We are a group of organisations and individuals driven by our shared passion for transport data; for measuring what is going on in the transport-climate nexus and therefore being able to improve it. What unites us is the understanding that working together is key to achieving our diverse interests.

Goals of our collective effort in the medium-term

To fast-track delivery since May 2022, we run three working groups to deliver on: strategy matters, data architecture and user perspectives, while regularly convening as a full group.

We are now working to refine the prototype database, set up a formal organisational structure and identify funding opportunities. Seed funding by Germany’s GIZ and the UK’s Climate Compatible Growth Programme has sustained the prototyping efforts. UNECE, is providing the infrastructure to host the database.

Reducing data gaps and improved quality of modelling, evaluation, impact assessment and reporting of transport projects; with more effective support to low- and middle-income countries.
Providing a space for storing, editing and accessing open transport data (starting with GHG related, national datasets).
Encouraging data standards, data cleaning and interoperability of existing databases.
Enabling active collaboration of data providers and users and a tool for international development organisations, national and local governments, researchers, data analysts and civil society alike.
A shared value that the individual participating entities could not achieve on their own.

Our members

The TDC team consists of dedicated professionals who are passionate about sustainable transportation.

Alexander Blackburn

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Ben Welle

World Resource Institute

Benjie de la Peña

Global Network for Popular Transportation

Catalina Vanoli

CAF - Banco de desarrollo de América Latina

Charlie Heaps

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

Our partners

TDC partners with leading organisations, institutions, and industry stakeholders in the sustainable transportation sector